Come, Babylon And Jerusalem
first Edition

Come, Babylon And Jerusalem

by David Catherman

The most mentioned cities in the Bible are #1 - Jerusalem and #2 - Babylon. Babylon is the primary city during the Tribulation and Jerusalem is the primary city during the Millennium (1000 years). These two cities dominate the culture of the world in the end times. Soon we will see Iraq rebuilding Babylon and we will know the end times are here.

The Story of End Times with  the Tribulation and Millennium
Prediction (Prophecy)
Electric Cars
Other books from the “Come” series:
1. Overview
1.1. Intro
1.2. Victor
1.3. Think about it:
1.4. The Bad, the Good and the Ugly
1.5. Babylon and Jerusalem
1.5.1. Contrast
1.5.2. Victor Has an Accident.
1.5.3. Praying in the Spirit
1.6. Eschatology
1.6.1. End Times
1.7. The Thousand Years
1.7.1. On a High Mountain
1.7.2. Victor Remembers
1.7.3. The Branch from Jesse
2. Babylon – Then and Now
2.1. Babylon the First
2.1.1. The Hanging Gardens
2.1.2. Babylon Attacks Israel Again
2.1.3. The Lord Threatens to Take Babylon
2.1.4. Seventy Years of Captivity
2.1.5. According to Jeremiah
2.1.6. Artaxerxes Sends Nehemiah to Jerusalem
2.1.7. Warning to Zedekiah
2.1.8. The Fall of Babylon
2.1.9. The Exiles Who Returned from Captivity
2.1.10. Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
2.1.11. Daniel Interprets the Dream
2.2. The Second Babylon
2.2.1. Come Together…
2.2.2. Political and Economic Center
2.2.3. The Internet Scandal
2.3. Could Be Either
2.3.1. Babylon, the Prostitute on the Beast
2.3.2. Victor’s Problem
3. The Church Age
3.1. The Early Church
3.1.1. The Church Is Thriving
3.1.2. Victor Thinks Back
3.1.3. The Church Established
3.1.4. Victor Moves
3.2. ‘Sevens’
3.2.1. Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of an Idol
3.2.2. The Rebuilding of the First Jerusalem
3.2.3. The Rebuilding of the Second Jerusalem
3.3. We Are Spirit
3.3.1. Victor and the Holy Spirit
3.3.2. Body, Soul, and Spirit
3.3.3. Spirit Lives on After the Body Dies
3.3.4. Heart and Soul
3.4. The Temple of God
3.4.1. Up to Jesus
3.4.2. The Antichrist
3.4.3. The Saints Are the Current Temple of God
3.4.4. Christ Is the Head of the Body
3.4.5. The Holy Spirit
3.4.6. Church Established
3.4.7. Early Church Persecuted
3.4.8. Victor Considers the Events
3.5. The Rapture
3.5.1. Avoid the Tribulation
3.5.2. False Messiahs
3.5.3. Many Will be Deceived
3.5.4. Believers Who Have Died
3.5.5. The Day and Hour Unknown
3.5.6. Jesus Comes to Take the Christians to Heaven
3.5.7. One Taken and the Other Left Behind
3.5.8. In a Flash
3.5.9. Coming in the Clouds
3.5.10. Lamb Is Worthy to Open the Scroll
3.5.11. Christ Will Come in Power
3.5.12. Our Bodies will be Changed
3.5.13. We Are a Firm Foundation
3.5.14. Second Coming of Christ
3.5.15. Do not Be Deceived
3.5.16. Rescue from the Coming Wrath
4. The Tribulation
4.1. The Tribulation – the First Half
4.1.1. The Final Week of the 70 Weeks
4.1.2. The Seven Seals
4.1.3. Satan – the Great Dragon
4.1.4. Satan Cast Down
4.1.5. Woman on the Scarlet Beast – Babylon
4.1.6. Christians at the Judgement of the World
4.1.7. The Judgement Seat of Christ
4.1.8. Crowns Awarded
4.1.9. Dream of Four Kingdoms
4.1.10. Daniel Interprets the Dream
4.1.11. Nebuchadnezzar Has a Dream of a Tree
4.1.12. Victor and Noah
4.2. Middle of Tribulation
4.2.1. The Four Beasts
4.2.2. Daniel’s Vision
4.2.3. Jesus Will Dwell in Jerusalem.
4.2.4. Rebuilding Israel.
4.2.5. Rebuilding the People of Israel
4.2.6. White Horse – Judgement
4.2.7. Satan Will Elevate Himself
4.2.8. The Beast Out of the Sea
4.2.9. Second Beast – The Beast out of the Earth
4.2.10. The Two Witnesses
4.2.11. The Antichrist Comes
4.2.12. Spirit of the Antichrist
4.2.13. The Woman and the Dragon
4.2.14. Fourth Horn Raises Destruction
4.2.15. The Antichrist Will Cause Destruction
4.2.16. Antichrist Deals with Israel
4.2.17. He Deny that Jesus is the Christ
4.2.18. The False Prophet
4.2.19. Unholy Trinity
4.2.20. Abomination that Causes Desolation
4.2.21. Great Distress for Israel
4.2.22. Israelites Sent to Babylon
4.2.23. Victor Is Married
4.3. Souls Resurrected
4.3.1. Mark of the Beast
4.3.2. Daniel’s Prayer
4.3.3. The Seventy ‘Sevens’
4.3.4. Victor Is Lucky
4.4. Victor Acknowledges Christ
4.5. Be Patient for the Lord’s Coming
4.5.1. Sixth Bowl – The Euphrates River
4.5.2. The Long Wait
4.5.3. Evil Spirits
4.5.4. Gog and Magog
4.5.5. A Prophecy: The Word of the Lord Concerning Israel.
4.5.6. Jews Will Commit to Jesus
4.5.7. The Way
4.5.8. Mountain Is Protected
4.5.9. Shoot of Jesse
4.5.10. The Man of Lawlessness
4.5.11. Little Horn and the Beast Ended
4.5.12. The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast
4.5.13. The City of Babylon
4.5.14. The King Who Exalts Himself
4.5.15. North and South Collide
4.5.16. Israel Has Fallen
4.5.17. Last Days
4.5.18. People Who Have Not Heard the Gospel
4.5.19. The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast
4.5.20. Satan’s Time is Short
4.5.21. The Day of the Lord
4.5.22. Be Patient for the Lord’s Coming
4.5.23. Dreadful Day—Saints Come with Him
4.6. What is Happening in Heaven?
4.6.1. Marriage Supper of the Lamb
4.6.2. Changed to Immortals
4.6.3. The Great Multitude in White Robes
4.7. 144,000 believers
4.7.1. 144,000
4.7.2. False Christs
4.7.3. Christ Will Come Back and Set Everything Right.
4.7.4. The Parable of the Ten Virgins
4.8. Battle of Armageddon
4.8.1. Origination of Armageddon
4.8.2. Who Will Fight at Armageddon?
4.8.3. Turmoil on the Earth.
4.8.4. Unsaved at the Judgement
4.8.5. The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast
4.8.6. A Mighty Storm.
4.8.7. The Day of the LORD
4.8.8. Nd Coming of Christ
4.9. Resurrection
4.9.1. Rapture
4.9.2. Christ Raised First, Then His Followers
4.9.3. The First Resurrection
4.9.4. The Second Resurrection
4.10. On Trial at the End
4.10.1. Jesus Comes with Saints to Judge
4.10.2. End of the Antichrist
4.10.3. Refuge in Jesus
4.10.4. The Dead
4.10.5. The Book of Life
4.10.6. The Sheep and the Goats
4.11. Babylon Falls
4.11.1. Babylon Overthrown
4.11.2. Israel Restored
4.11.3. Isaiah
4.11.4. Jeremiah
4.11.5. Revelation
4.11.6. The End of Babylon
5. The Millennium
5.1. Satan Is Vanquished
5.2. Those Beheaded Come to Life
5.3. Moving from Babylon to Jerusalem
5.3.1. Review: Babylon Falls
5.3.2. Israelites Return
5.3.3. Jesus Will Be Lord
5.3.4. A Time of Rest and Peace
5.3.5. A New Heaven and A New Earth
5.3.6. A Revived People
5.3.7. The Jews Are in Focus
5.3.8. The Christians
5.3.9. The Israelites
5.3.10. The Holy Spirit
5.4. Jesus Reigns Over the Israelites
5.4.1. The Lord Is King Over All the Earth
5.4.2. The Lord Will Care for Judah
5.4.3. Jesus Is King of the Jews.
5.4.4. Jesus Will Judge the Living and the Dead
5.4.5. His Kingdom Will Last Forever
5.4.6. Christians Will Take Charge of Cities
5.4.7. Jesus Will Endure
5.4.8. Christ Will Make a Covenant
5.4.9. The Remnant Will Trust in the Lord
5.4.10. Jesus on the Throne Over the Twelve Thrones
5.5. Jesus Reigns Over All
5.5.1. The Mountain of the LORD
5.5.2. Nations Gathered
5.5.3. Satan Will Be Released
5.5.4. Battle of the Ages
5.5.5. Jesus Will Judge the World
5.5.6. Great White Throne
5.6. After the Millennium
5.7. Conclusion

David Catherman is a leader in the church and has served as an elder in the church for many years. He was in the Navy for years and is still partial to the ocean and the Navy way of doing things. He has been a Christian since a very young age. 

© Copyright by David Catherman. All rights reserved 2021.