Come, Suffering Saints
first Edition

Come, Suffering Saints

by David Catherman

The facts about how we suffer here on earth and troubles that will come up on us. God uses our suffering to help us grow stronger and lead us to His light (love).

Come, Suffering Saints
About the Author
1. Forward by Verna Catherman Mcrillis
2. Preface
2.1. David
2.2. Suffering in Christianity
2.2.1. Jesus Set the Standard for Suffering
2.2.2. The Religious Leaders Are Guilty
2.2.3. We Suffer with Christ
2.2.4. Suffering of People in the Bible Example 1: Job Example 2: Paul
2.2.5. We Will Suffer Also
2.2.6. The Lord Will Rescue Us
2.3. Spiritual Revival
2.3.1. In the Hands of the Lord, We Are Safe
2.3.2. Other Troubles We Cannot Ignore
2.3.3. The Disciples of Jesus Even Suffered
2.3.4. We Can Endure by Faith
2.4. David’s Story
2.4.1. Physical Problems The Accident Physical Rehabilitation Balance Problems Memory Issues Living with Problems Back Problems
2.4.2. Spiritual Endurance Spirit in Salvation Temple of the Holy Spirit Praying in the Spirit Direction Walking in the Holy Spirit The Spirit Came Upon Them Born of the Spirit Taught by the Spirit Moving in the Spirit Led by the Spirit Flesh and Spirit Spiritual Warfare Being Close to Other People Christ Has Come Made by God Receiving the Holy Spirit Our Spirit Knows Our Thoughts Gifts of the Spirit Helping Others Worshipping in the Spirit Fellowship Living with Christ’s Power
3. Conclusion
4. Appendix – More Verses
4.1. No Suffering Now
4.2. Others Have Suffered
4.3. Deliverance in the Psalms and Proverbs
4.4. We Will Suffer More

David Catherman is a leader in the church and has served as an elder in the church for many years. He was in the Navy for years and is still partial to the ocean and the Navy way of doing things. He has been a Christian since a very young age. 

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