Free Speech: Trigger Warnings, Academic Freedom, and More | Institute for Humane Studies
Free Speech: Trigger Warnings, Academic Freedom, and More
first Edition

Free Speech: Trigger Warnings, Academic Freedom, and More

by Institute for Humane Studies

Have you ever wondered if Free Speech has its limits? Well, this is the place for you. You’ve got freedom of speech, but you’re not free to shout fire in a crowded theater? What about hate speech? Triggering speech? In this online course, we dive deep into topics related to free speech. Topics include speech restrictions on college campuses, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and the use of free speech by oppressed groups to change the world.


Front Matter
Chapter One Why Should We Care About Free Speech?
Chapter Two Introduction to Offensive Speech and Hate Speech
Chapter Three Charlie Hebdo and Offensive Speech
Chapter Four Trigger Warnings and Freedom From Speech
Chapter Five Censoring Sex and Comedy
Chapter Six How Free Speech Is Threatened Today
Chapter Seven Introduction to Commercial and Persuasive Speech
Chapter Eight Political Speech
Chapter Nine Commercial Speech
Chapter Ten Introduction to Free Speech in Education
Chapter Eleven Academic Freedom- What It Is and Why It Matters
Chapter Twelve Campus Speech Codes and Zones
Chapter Thirteen The History of Free Speech On Campus Litigation
Chapter Fourteen The "Stand Up for Speech" Litigation Project
Chapter Fifteen Does Free Speech Help Minorities?
Chapter Sixteen Attributions

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