Introduction to Business, Management, and Ethics
first Edition

Introduction to Business, Management, and Ethics

by William Frey, Jose A. Cruz-Cruz
Introduction to Business, Management, and Ethic
1. Introductory Modules
1.1. Derived copy of Rubrics for Exams and Group Projects in Ethics
1.2. Reflections on the Nature of Business
2. Business and Professional Ethics
2.1. Theory Building Activities: Mountain Terrorist Exercise
2.2. Theory Building Activities: "Responsibility and Incident at Morales"
2.3. Professional Ethics in Puerto Rico: Codes, Problem Solving, and Ethical Dissent
2.4. Three Frameworks for Ethical Problem-Solving in Business and the Professions
3. Management and Leadership
3.1. Ethics of Teamwork
3.2. Business and Moral Leaders
3.3. Moral Exemplars in Business and Professional Ethics
3.4. Different Approaches to Corporate Governance
3.5. Moral Ecologies in Corporate Governance
3.6. Corporate Ethics Compliance Officer Report
3.7. Three Views of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
3.8. A Short History of the Corporation
4. Finance
4.1. Responsible Choice for Appropriate Technology
5. Marketing: Consumer and Green Ethics
5.1. Approaches in Environmental Ethics For Business and Engineering
5.2. Ethical Issues in Risk Management for Business
6. UPRM Business Administration Statement of Values
6.1. Value Profile: Justice
6.2. Value Profile: Responsibility
6.3. Value Profile: Respect
6.4. Value Profile: Trust
6.5. Value Profile: Integrity
7. Attributions

William J. Frey is a Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.

Jose A. Cruz-Cruz is a researcher at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez and other places.

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