Music Inquiry
first Edition

Music Inquiry

by Catherine Schmidt-Jones

An inquiry based approach to learning about music provides flexible lessons that deepen and broaden learners' understanding of music while engaging with their current musical interests, preferences, and goals. This hands-on experience with inquiry in a subject area that appeals to most learners also provides practice in self-directed learning that can be applied in any area of life-long learning.

Music Inquiry
1. Introduction
1.1. Inquiry into Music: Course Home
1.2. Ways of Knowing about Music
2. How to do Music Inquiry
2.1. Designing Inquiry Questions
2.2. Finding and Evaluating Resources for Music Inquiries
2.3. Creative Responses to Music Learning
2.4. Getting Feedback on Your Music Project
2.5. Assessing Music Learning for Inquiry
3. Cultural Knowledge
3.1. Music and Culture
3.2. Choosing a Publication License: Four Activities for the Creative Classroom
4. Aural Knowledge
4.1. Listening to Unfamiliar Music: An Inquiry Module
4.2. Four Inquiries in Constructive Music Criticism
5. Music Theory
5.1. What do You Need to Know about Music Theory?
5.2. Harmonic Analysis as Inquiry
5.3. Exploratory Analysis of a Piece of Music
6. Music Literacy
6.1. Planning for Music Literacy: An Inquiry
7. Embodied Knowledge
7.1. Attributions

Catherine Schmidt-Jones graduated from Rice University in 1985, completing a BA in chemistry, a BA in music and a Master of Music in French horn performance.

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