Reading Rhythm: A Learning-by-Doing Course
first Edition

Reading Rhythm: A Learning-by-Doing Course

by Catherine Schmidt-Jones

This course teaches the basics of reading and writing rhythms in common (standard) notation. It is a learning-by-doing course, designed around activities that are not only important as practice exercises, but are also relevant to the learner's immediate music-learning goals. Multiple activities are offered for each concept, so that learners can choose the best activities for their situation. The course can be followed using any instrument or no instrument at all (for example, using body percussion and "found percussion"). It can be used for individual or small-group practice, or for classes of children or adults.

1. Learning by Doing: An Introduction
2. Reading Rhythm: Introduction
3. Reading Rhythm 1: A Steady Beat
4. Reading Rhythm 2: Meter
5. Reading Rhythm 3: Half Notes and Half Rests
6. Reading Rhythm 4: Dividing the beat in half
7. Reading Rhythm 5: Whole Notes and Tied Notes
8. Reading Rhythm 6: Using Different Notes for the Beat
9. Reading Rhythm 7: Dividing Beats into Thirds
10. Reading Rhythm 8: Dotted Notes
11. Attributions

Catherine Schmidt-Jones graduated from Rice University in 1985, completing a BA in chemistry, a BA in music and a Master of Music in French horn performance.

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