United States Trademark Law
first Edition

United States Trademark Law

by eLangdell Press

The United States Trademark Code appears in Chapter 22 of Title 15 of the United State Code.  This publication was made with data provided by the United States government on the Office of Law Revision Counsel Bulk US Code.

1.1.1. 1051. Application for registration; verification
1.1.2. 1052. Trademarks registrable on principal register; concurrent registration
1.1.3. 1053. Service marks registrable
1.1.4. 1054. Collective marks and certification marks registrable
1.1.5. 1055. Use by related companies affecting validity and registration
1.1.6. 1056. Disclaimer of unregistrable matter
1.1.7. 1057. Certificates of registration
1.1.8. 1058. Duration, affidavits and fees
1.1.9. 1059. Renewal of registration
1.1.10. 1060. Assignment
1.1.11. 1061. Execution of acknowledgments and verifications
1.1.12. 1062. Publication
1.1.13. 1063. Opposition to registration
1.1.14. 1064. Cancellation of registration
1.1.15. 1065. Incontestability of right to use mark under certain conditions
1.1.16. 1066. Interference; declaration by Director
1.1.17. 1067. Interference, opposition, and proceedings for concurrent use registration or for cancellation; notice; TTAB
1.1.18. 1068. Action of Director in interference, opposition, and proceedings (to register/cancel)
1.1.19. 1069. Application of equitable principles in inter partes proceedings
1.1.20. 1070. Appeals to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board from decisions of examiners
1.1.21. 1071. Appeal to courts
1.1.22. 1072. Registration as constructive notice of claim of ownership
1.2.1. 1091. Supplemental register
1.2.2. 1092. Publication; not subject to opposition; cancellation
1.2.3. 1093. Registration certificates for marks on principal and supplemental registers to be different
1.2.4. 1094. Provisions of chapter applicable to registrations on supplemental register
1.2.5. 1095. Registration on principal register not precluded
1.2.6. 1096. Registration on supplemental register not used to stop importations
1.3.1. 1111. Notice of registration; display with mark; recovery of profits and damages in infringement suit
1.3.2. 1112. Classification of goods and services; registration in plurality of classes
1.3.3. 1113. Fees
1.3.4. 1114. Remedies; infringement; innocent infringement by printers and publishers
1.3.5. 1115. Registration on principal register as evidence of exclusive right to use mark; defenses
1.3.6. 1116. Injunctive relief
1.3.7. 1117. Recovery for violation of rights
1.3.8. 1118. Destruction of infringing articles
1.3.9. 1119. Power of court over registration
1.3.10. 1120. Civil liability for false or fraudulent registration
1.3.11. 1121. Jurisdiction of Federal courts; State and local requirements for trademarks; prohibition
1.3.12. 1121a. Transferred
1.3.13. 1122. Liability of United States and States, and instrumentalities and officials thereof
1.3.14. 1123. Rules and regulations for conduct of proceedings in Patent and Trademark Office
1.3.15. 1124. Importation of goods bearing infringing marks or names forbidden
1.3.16. 1125. False designations of origin, false descriptions, and dilution forbidden
1.3.17. 1126. International conventions
1.3.18. 1127. Construction and definitions; intent of chapter
1.3.19. 1128. Repealed
1.3.20. 1129. Transferred
1.4.1. 1141. Definitions
1.4.2. 1141a. International applications based on United States applications or registrations
1.4.3. 1141b. Certification of the international application
1.4.4. 1141c. Restriction, abandonment, cancellation, or expiration of a basic application or basic registration
1.4.5. 1141d. Request for extension of protection subsequent to international registration
1.4.6. 1141e. Extension of protection of an international registration to the United States under the Madrid Protocol
1.4.7. 1141f. Effect of filing a request for extension of protection of an international registration to US
1.4.8. 1141g. Right of priority for request for extension of protection to the United States
1.4.9. 1141h. Examination of and opposition to request for extension of protection; notification of refusal
1.4.10. 1141i. Effect of extension of protection
1.4.11. 1141j. Dependence of extension of protection to the United States on the underlying international registration
1.4.12. 1141k. Duration, affidavits and fees
1.4.13. 1141l. Assignment of an extension of protection
1.4.14. 1141m. Incontestability
1.4.15. 1141n. Rights of extension of protection

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