Don’t know where to start with publishing your book?

This free webinar will show you how to get your book published and delivered to a global audience or selected groups.
Publishing does not have to be complicated
During this webinar youYou will learn how to:
Publish your manuscript as an ebook with print on demand capabilities
Easily make minor revisions and new editions at any time
Customize books to target different audiences
Work with multiple co-authors to publish a book
Collate your published works to share with specific lists
Create more selling opportunities for your book through innovative publishing offerings
Armed with this knowledge you can focus on writing and get your book e-ready and print-ready in no time.
A fully flexible publishing solution from start to finish.
Publishing made for education and training
The publishing industry has been an oligopoly that offers low royalties, less freedom, and longer processes.
LiveCarta was created to make publishing learning materials and books accessible, cost-efficient and fast with customizable options to give you utmost control.
What our Authors are saying

James E. Simon

Distinguished Professor, Department of Plant Biology

I found LiveCarta to be amazing educational platform. Both using it as a remote teaching platform and/or as a supplement to in person class lectures, LiveCarta provided me with the needed flexibility and ease of posting, revising and updating; and even more important the students with the needed ease of taking notes and adding their own comments and questions to all posted information. The students loved the system. I will be converting all my class materials onto LiveCarta.

Thomas Cotter

Taft Stettinius & Hollister Professor of Law, University of Minnesota Law School

LawCarta has enabled me to publish a casebook that is easily accessible to students at low or no cost to them.  I can make revisions whenever new developments come along to keep the material current.  I think this is the way to go with casebook publishing!

Ziyad Motala

Professor of Law at Howard University School of Law

LawCarta is an innovative, cost effective and quick way to produce a case book. It offers both an online and a well bound, well printed, glossy physical copy option. The staff are efficient, helpful and very responsive throughout the production process. There is no other option that offers such a quick turnaround time. What is particularly unique is the option to easily make revisions for subsequent editions.

Brian L. Frye

Spears-Gilbert Associate Professor of Law, UK Rosenberg College of Law

Open-access publishing is the future of legal pedagogy, and LawCarta is on the cutting edge. I deeply appreciate their work formatting, distributing, and promoting the open-access professional responsibility casebook I co-authored. Our goal was to make free teaching materials available to as many people as possible, and LawCarta helped make it happen.